Things To Do in Kalibo

Kalibo, though frequently considered a gateway for tourists wishing to travel to Boracay, actually has its own vibrant and stunning set of local attractions and festivals that you can take advantage of. Here is just a glimpse of some of the best of the best that Kalibo has to offer:

Ati-Atihan Festival

Taking place in the third week of January, the Kalibo Santo Nino – Ati Atihan Festival is nicknamed ‘The Mother of All Philippine Festivals, and is believed to be the oldest festival in the entirety of the Philippines. All week long, you can enjoy vivid sights of dancing troupes in colourful costumes and face and body paints and the vibrant sounds of the marching bands parading throughout the streets of Kalibo culminating in the final Sunday where groups representing different tribes compete for the attention of onlookers to win prizes. A final procession also takes place with thousands carrying the banners of Santo Nino, or baby Jesus, the patron saint of Kalibo.

Bakhawan Eco-Park

Situated a few kilometers from the city centre (but still a comfortable and very accessible by tricycle), this stunning mangrove forest is considered one of the most successful mangrove reforestation projects in the country. Take a stroll along the 1.3km bamboo trail through the forest, crossing the Aklan River, and learn of the different species of trees and animals that call this land their sanctuary.

At the Bakhawan Base Camp at the end of the trail, there are a variety of different activities available for you to enjoy; take a bamboo raft to take you across to a mesmerizing sandbar where you can sunbathe or swim, or relax in the many huts with a view of the stunning Sibuyan Sea. For the adventurous eaters amongst you, you can enjoy tamilok, or woodworm. The friendly staff can demonstrate how they are caught and prepare the delicacy in front of your eyes.

Entry fee is PHP 150 for visitors.

Kalibo Cathedral and the Plaza

Kalibo Plaza sits in the center of town, and particularly around Christmas time, the night lights illuminating the area are stunning. The plaza doubles up as a park, with a playground, tennis courts and basketball courts as well as an events area, and surrounding it, you’ll find plenty of establishments.

Nothing stands out more in the area though than Kalibo Cathedral, also known as the Cathedral of St John the Baptist. Built in the 1700s, it’s been restored several times since, including following the 7.1 magnitude earthquake in 1990 that devasted the area.

To this day, the cathedral is frequented by church goers and offers an insight into culture and tradition in Aklan.

Dela Cruz House Of Piña

Kalibo is well known for Piña Silk, a special fabric used historically for weddings and special occasions, ordinarily for the rich. Derived from pineapples, production of goods using piña goes through painstakingly tedious process, but you can see the masters at work at the House of Piña near the town centre.

The showroom features a load of expertly handmade handicrafts using piña, such as coin purses and wallets, but you can also find barongs and dresses made of the material too. It’s certainly worth a visit when in town

Kalibo Ostrich Farm

One of the newer attractions in town, don’t be deceived by the name! This farm acts more like a zoo, and the friendly staff can take you on a journey teaching you about a number of other animals they have in the farm. On top of ostriches, they have a lion, a tiger, crocodile and peacocks but to name but a few, and you can take your photo with other birds like parrots or with the snakes.

Featuring a zipline, horse riding and an ATV experience too, you’ll be sure to have a great time visiting Kalibo Ostrich Farm all year around.